In House Waterless Coolant Conversion Service

$ 299.97

What to expect from PowerPortal as your Evans Waterless Coolant Conversion Center.

  • We’ll need your car for a full eight hour day at a minimum.
  • First we open your radiator, engine block and heater-core and remove all existing anti-freeze. This process is messy due to anti-freeze leaching onto the floor and lower chassis of the car.
  • We inspect your cars cooling system completely to ensure that there are no pre-existing issues of weak radiator, hose or core items that are or may be on the brink of further damage. (If you are aware of any pre-existing issues, please advise us prior to the start of any conversion work so that we can properly address and correct the issues with you.) If we find evidence of weakness, we’ll contact you to advise you and we’ll make the appropriate adjustments to correct the matter. (Our hourly shop rate will apply for parts and labor over and above the standard conversion cost.)
  • All areas where fluid may land will be cleaned back to or better than the way we received it.
  • We use low pressure air to blow out as much anti-freeze as possible. After old anti-freeze has been removed, we load an evaporator fluid into the system, removing any remaining old fluids.
  • Testing is done to measure unacceptable water levels and the process continues until all traces of water are removed to a maximum level of 3% or less of water.
  • Then we again move hot, low volume air through the system confirming water elimination.
  • Once the system is dry and the trace water is removed, the EWC is loaded into your car and temperature and volume tests are conducted.
  • A short road test will be done to ensure that all fluids and components are operating properly.
  • PowerPortal recycles all old fluids in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Now your car is ready to hit the road. Any concerns about over-heating, corrosion, erosion and other destructive water borne irritants are a distant memory. Enjoy problem free cruising

*** You can expect a your car to be with us for one full business day for a conversion. Please include days and times that will work for you in the order notes when checking out, and we’ll be in touch to schedule. Or, you can reserve time to do it yourself in our Mechanical Bay here


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